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The numbers within LatinX

Two influential and controversial parts of society are religion and politics. According to research, the numbers show Latinos have large numbers in both Catholic faith and eligibility to vote.
I find it interesting how Latinos have maintained their faith through time. According to the Pew Research Center, Latinos are 77% and, more specifically, 48% Catholic. Catholicism is lower than what I expected, and yes, I am Catholic. Spaniards concurred Latin America, forced conversions to Catholicism, and created a religious root that still flourishes in today’s Latin communities. The numbers are still high but have dipped and no longer be a commanding majority. Although it was a forced and not pleasant beginning, we have cultivated a religious culture that combines some of our native traditions with special Catholic celebrations.
Pew Research shows in Texas has over 18 million eligible voters in which 5.6 million are Latinos. The Latino share of power (voting rights) is growing. With 30.4 % of the vote, Latinos are gaining a powerful voice; we can be the deciding vote in many elections. I would like to see the data on how much actual use this power and cast a ballot. In recent elections, there have been runoffs and very close margins. If we can get Latinos to the poles, we can be the deciding force and ensure our voices are loud and the powers to become will be more responsive to our needs.

Religion influences our Latin community and our political views. In some states like Texas our growing numbers have force politicians to take into account our beliefs and views.


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